Average weight of the male 16kg(35,2lbs) and the female 10kg(22lbs). Shoulder height averages at about 60cm(24in) and their life expectancy is about 12 years


The serval is a slender , medium-size cat with long legs and a relatively short tail. It has a small head with large ears that are set close together. The coat is of a yellowish-fawn colour with black spots with two or four black stripes running from the top of the head down the neck onto the shoulders. The underbelly is white and spotted

Difference between the male and female: The male is slightly larger and heavier than the female


Their main habitat is savannah. Open woodland and plains. They avoid thickets, but may be found along forest fringes. The servalis mostly nocturnal but will hunt at sunrise as well as sunset. Will rest during the hottest part of the day in a spot with a clear view. They are found in pairs or as solitary animals. Very fast (can reach a top speed of up to 80km/h) and are able to leap 2m plus into the air to catch birds in flight. Their diet includes birds, small mammals and reptiles. The male will mark his territory by spraying urine onto objects such as bushes, fallen trees and rocks. Independent of water but will drink when available


A litter of one to four get born after e gestation period of 3 months. Birth will take place in dense vegetation or abandoned burrows and the kittens will stay with their mother until the age of 12 months.