Average weight of males are 2,5kg(5,5lbs) and females 1,5kg(3,3lbs). Body length averages at 50cm(20in) and their tails 45cm(18in). They have a life span of about 8 years in the wild.


Genets are related to cats but more closely related to mongoose. The colour of their coats varies from greyish to yellowish with black spots on the sides, sometimes arranged in rows.They have long banded tails, small heads and large ears. Distinct white markings occur underneath the eyes and around the nose and mouth.

Difference between male and female: There are not a big difference between the male and the female. The male is only slightly larger than the female.


They prefer to live in areas with dense vegetation such as bushes, thickets and evergreen forests. Because of their mostly solitary natures, each genet prefers its own territory with territories of the males overlapping with those of several females. They are mainly nocturnal but more active following sunset and prior to sunrise. During the day they will lie up in trees, hide in hollow trunks, burrows or between rocks. Their diet consists mainly of birds, bats, small mammals, centipedes, millipedes, insects, scorpions and reptiles. They are very agile tree climbers and will climb trees to hunt birds or hunt spend time on the ground hunting their prey.

They are able to squeeze their flexible bodies through an opening not much larger than their heads. Genets defecate in latrines situated in elevated points such as tree branches, rocks or in human constructions such as roofs and walls. Both male and female genets take part in scent marking with the male more regulary. During breeding season they become more active , and need more food to sustain their energy levels.


2-4 Young gets born after a gestation period of about 10 weeks, normally twice a year. The kittens get born with their eyes closed. They receive their first solid food after 6 weeks and get weaned after 8 weeks.