Average weight for both male and female is about 3-4kg(6,5-8,8lbs). Shoulder height averages at +/- 35cm(14in). Body length is 55- 60cm(22-24in) and the tail length 30-35cm(12-14in)


It has enormous ears in proportion to its head, long narrow muzzle with a raccoon-like face mask. The ears, legs and part of the pointed face are black. It has a silver-grey fluffy coat and black- tipped bushy tail.

Difference between male and female: It is very hard to distinguished between male and female due to their similarity in size and the fluffy coat that covers the genitals.


Commonly occurs in short grasslands, savannah and short bushy arid areas where termites are found. Their main diet (80%) consists out of termites and when not available, they will prey on beetles, grasshoppers, millipedes, scorpions and small reptiles. They use their large ears to locate their prey. Mainly nocturnal, will shelter in a burrow during the day until dusk before they emerge to forage for food during the night. Obtain their water needs from the fluids of the insects they consume. They are very agile runners and rely on speed to elude their predators. Form family groups that consist out of a mating pair with their offspring.


A litter of 2-6 pups get born after a gestation period of about 2 months. Both parents are involved in raising the litter.