Average weight of the male 6kg(13,2lbs) and the female 3,5kg(7,7lbs). Shoulder height average: Male – 50cm(20in) and the female 35cm(14in). They have a life expectancy of about 15 years.


The coat of the African wildcat is sandy brown to yellowish-grey in colour and the tail has black rings and a black tip. It has 6 vertical bands on the flanks and horizontal stripes down the legs. It very much resembles a domestic cat but has a shorter tail, longer legs and their ears are of a reddish –brown colour.


The wild cat is found throughout the sub-region in all habitats where there is enough cover for protection, accept the pure desert areas. They are mostly solitary accept during the breeding season. The male will defend its territory which overlaps with that of a few females. Both the males and females spray urine to mark their territories. The wildcat normally defends itself by raising the hair on its backto enlarge its appearance and to intimidate its attacker. They are mainly active during the night, early morning , late afternoon and on cloudy days. Most of the time during the day is spend in thick cover, hollow tree trunks, between rocks and small caves. Their diet includes mice, rats, birds, insects and small mammals.


Two to six kittens get born after a gestation period of approximately 60 days. The kittens are born blind and needs the full care of their mother. They become fully independent at the age of 6 months and the females are ready to breed at the age of 1 year.