Measurements: Average weight of males – 6 kg(+/- 13 lbs) and females – 4kg(+/- 9 lbs). Males measure about 1m in length with the females about 15% smaller in size. Average shoulder height – 38cm(+/- 14 inches). They have a life expectancy of up to 30 years


Silver-gray body with black face,hands, feet and ears. The ridge above their eyebrows is white. The males have a very distinctive turquois-blue scrotum and red penis. Difference between the male and female: The males are slightly larger than the females.


Vervets inhabit woodlands, savanna and coastal forests. They are very adaptable and will move to areas wherever a good food source and permanent surface water are available.Their interaction with humans sometimes causes a love- hate relationship due to their opportunistic actions in obtaining food. Vervets are highly social animals and occur in organised troops lead by dominating males.


A single offspring is born after a gestation period of about 160 days.