Average height of male 25 kg (55 lbs.) and the female 28 kg (61 lbs.) Shoulder height averages at about 80 cm (32 in). Life expectancy is about 9 years.


An antelope with a long-slender neck and long upright pointed ears with a bulbous nose. The woolly coat is greyish-brown with a white belly. The tail is bushy-like, greyish-brown on top and white underneath. The horns are straight, upright spike-like.

Difference between male and female: The female is slightly larger than the male but lack horns.


They prefer mountainous areas at high altitude with sufficient grassy slopes, a few trees and shrubs for cover. They are independent of water but will drink when available. Form herds of up to 12 that consists of an adult ram, females and offspring. They are very territorial and will return to the same area after being spooked. They prefer early mornings and late afternoons for feeding but will be active for longer periods during cool, rainy days. When a young male gets kicked out of the herd, it will stay single until it is old enough to establish its own territory. They have a very good sense of hearing and excellent eyesight. When spooked, they run with a distinct rocking motion displaying the white underside of their tails.


Grey Rhebok are seasonal breeders with breeding taking place during March to May. A single young is born after a gestation period of +- 8 months. The new born stays concealed for about six weeks before joining the female.