Average weight of males 140 kg (310 lbs.) and females 120 kg (265 lbs.) Shoulder height average 125 cm (50 in) high. Life expectancy is about 12 – 15 years.


Bodies are dark chestnut brown with almost a metallic sheen like appearance. The blaze on the face, upper legs and shoulders as well as the tuft of their tails are bluish-black in colour. Both sexes have horns.

Difference between male and female:The males are larger than the females with heavier horns.


Tsessebes are primarily grazers that prefer open areas covered with grass and lightly wooded savannas. Shade and water are important requirements. They are the fastest antelope in Africa. Herds of females with offspring, bachelor herds and solitary males are found. During mating season a territorial bull will gathers a harem and drive the young bulls from the herd. Territorial males will insert grass stems into their pre-orbital glands to coat them with secretion, and then rub their heads and horns over the stems to cover it with the secretion.


During the breeding season females will visit the area of the bachelor herd with the sole reason for breeding. A single calf is born during September – November after a gestation period of +- 8 months.