Average weight of male 4 kg (9 lbs.) and the female 5 kg (11 lbs.) Shoulder height averages at about 330 cm (13 in). Their life expectancy is about 7 years.


Suni is one of the smaller antelope species with a reddish brown colour and an upper lip that protrudes over the lower lip. The chest, belly and inner sides of legs are light in colour.

Difference between male and female: Only male suni’s have horns while the females are larger in body size. The horns are ridged almost all the way.


Dry savannah with sufficient undergrowth – mainly South-east Africa. They are diurnal and feeds during early morning and late afternoons. Rest during the hottest time of the day and are seldom seen. Like to use the same trail, making them vulnerable to traps. When disturbed, they will stand very still for a while before taking off to shelter in very dense undergrowth. Their diet consists out of leaves, fruit, fungi and flowers. Independent of water , get the moisture they need from the food they consume.


A single young is born after a gestation period of +-6 months during August – February.