Average weight of the male 8 kg (18 lbs.) and the female 10 kg (22 lbs.) Shoulder height averages at about 50 cm (20 in). They have a lifespan expectancy of +-6 years.


It is a small antelope with fairly big ears. The ears are white at the inside with black ‘finger-marks.’ There is a black stripe on the muzzle and the coat is of a fawn colour. The underside from the chest to the tail is white. Males have straight, smooth parallel horns.

Difference between male and female: Only the male has horns, but the female has a slightly larger body.


They use a variety of habitats from semi-desert to open woodlands with scattered bushes for shelter. Steenbok also has a preference for savannah and semi bushveld. They establish territories that both sexes will defend. Prefer feeding during the cooler parts of the day and will shelter in the shade during extreme temperatures. Will stay hidden until the last moment before leaping away and stopping frequently to look back. They will also run some distance and quickly lie down to hide amongst shrubs or under a bush. Independent of water.


A single (occasionally two) young is born after a gestation period of +-6 months. Birth takes place at any time of the year with a possible peak November – December. The new-born stays hidden for about 2 weeks before joining the female.