Average weight of male 60 kg (132 lbs.) and female 45 kg (100 lbs.) Shoulder weight averages at about 80 cm (31 in). Life expectancy is +- 10 years.


Cape Bushbuck: dark reddish brown whilst Limpopo Bushbuck Rufus brown with white dorsal crest Another member of the spiral horn family timid and medium sized. Males: Dark reddish brown with white dorsal crest of hair, white spots on the buttocks, white on the inside of the legs and a white bowtie on the throat. Females: Rufus brown with similar white markings than the male, except the dorsal crest of hair that is normal dark in colour.

Difference between male and female:  Apart from the colour variation, the female lacks horns and is smaller in size.


They are both browsers and grazers with a diet consisting of leaves, brattle flowers, fruit and grass. Prefers any type of dense vegetation that provides food and shelter. Thickets near perennial water are their main habitat but are able to adapt their feeding habits for the sake of survival. Mostly solitary, but pairs and family groups do occur. Mainly active during early morning and late afternoon into the night and will rest in thick cover during the rest of the day. Became almost entirely nocturnal near human activity.


A single young is born at any time of the year after a gestation period of +- 6 months. The new born stay hidden for up to 4 months before joining the female.