Average weight of male 240 kg (530 lbs.) and female 210 (460 lbs.) Shoulder height averages at about 140 cm (55 in). Life expectancy +-17 years.


Sable antelope is a large species with colouring that varies from dark brown to black. Their underbellies are white with black stripes on a white face. Both sexes have horns. They have a short erected mane.

Difference between male and female: The males are marginally bigger than the females with bigger and thicker horns. The females are light to dark brown in colour but the males are distinctively black.


Sable are both grazers and browsers. They prefer areas with enough shelter and water. Savannah woodlands to dense woodlands and grasslands with medium-tall grass are ideal habitat. They are diurnal and will visit salt licks and have been found chewing on bones for extra minerals. They are less active during the heat of the day and will rest in the shade. Form groups of nursing herds, bachelor herds and territorial males. Prefer to feed during early mornings and late afternoons. Needs to drink water regularly. Nursing herds are led by a dominant female and will share areas with territorial males. When confronted by predators, they will defend themselves viscously.


A single young is born in January to March after a gestation period of +- 8 months.