Average weight of male 260 kg (575 lbs.) and the female 230 kg (506 lbs.) Shoulder height average at about 140 cm (55 in). Life expectancy is +-18 years.


Large species of antelope of reddish brown colour. The face is white with a black “mask”, a short erected mane and long ears. The top part of the ears bend outwards and have dark edges. The horns curved back slightly.

Difference between male and female: The male is slightly bigger than the female with longer and thicker horns.


Roan are primarily grazers and prefer open woodland and savannah with medium to tall length grass and adequate water-supply. Solitary males, bachelor herds and family groups occur. A breeding herd will consist out of one dominant bull, a female as leader and several females with their offspring. When the males fight for dominance, they normally drop to their knees while clashing their large horns together. They prefer to graze on grass but will occasionally feed on leaves, shrubs and Acacia tree pods.


A single calf is born during any time of the year after a gestation period of +- 9 months. After birth the new born get concealed by its mother, which frequently visit to nurse the young.