Average weight of male 110 kg (240 lbs.) and the female 75 kg (165 lbs.) Shoulder height averages at about 100 cm (40 in). They have a life expectancy of about 14 years.


It is a medium size antelope, golden brown with white bellies and distinctive dark markings on the front legs. The shoulders are lower than the rears and they have long sweeping horns curving upwards.

Difference between male and female: The female is smaller than the male and carries no horns.


Lechwe are found near or in water where they feed on aquatic plants and grass. They will wade knee deep into water to feed and also use it as protection from predators. Can run through knee deep water with ease. Gather in herds up to as many as 1000 individuals. From bachelor herds, nursing herds and solitary males. Feeds during the cooler parts of the day and will rest during the heat of the day on dry land. Lechwe are diurnal and drink water regularly.


A single calf is born at any time of the year with an estimate peak between October and December. Gestation period is +- 8 months.