Average weight of the male 20 kg (44lbs.) and the female 18 (40 lbs.) Shoulder height averages at about 58 cm (23 in). It has a lifespan of +-12 years.


Small graceful antelope with an orange brown colour and a white, chest to tail ,underside. The tail is short and bushy with the top part of the tail black and white underneath. It also has black patches below the ears. The horns of the males are upright, halfway ringed with smooth tips.

Difference between male and female: Only the males have horns, but the females are larger in body size.


They prefer grasslands or floodplains with short grass for grazing and isolated areas with taller grass for shelter. Avoid large areas with tall grass, shrubs and dense bush. They are mainly solitary but occur in pairs as well as small groups. Prefer the early mornings and late afternoons to feed and will rest during the heat of the day in the taller grass. They can’t resist freshly burnt areas with fresh grass shoots.


A single young is born after a gestation period of +-7 months. The new born stays hidden in the grass for almost 10 weeks ,with the female returning periodically to suckle the offspring.