Average weight of the male 240 kg (530 lbs.) and female 160 kg (350 lbs.) Shoulder height averages at about 150 cm (59 in). They have a life expectancy of about 14 years.


Large species of antelope. It has an impressive set of horns with two and a half twists. The coat is of a brown-grey to reddish brown colour with between 4 – 12 vertical white stripes along the torso. They have a large set of ears and a distinctive white chevron between the eyes. A member of the spiral horn family.

Difference between male and female: Females are smaller than males and lack horns.


Their habitat includes dry semi desert areas, thick bush veld, rocky hillsides, wooded areas alongside riverbeds and savannah where there will be enough water and shelter. They are both browsers and grazers and prefer to start feeding in the late afternoon to during the night until early mornings. Cooler weather will let them stay active for longer during the day. During warmer days they will go into cover and rest in the shade until the day start to cool off towards sunset. Their diet consists out of leaves, grass, shoots, pods and fruit. Form herds that will include females with offspring or males. The males form bachelor herds out of the breeding season. They are very timid and will take shelter at the slightest sign of danger. When spooked they will take of running showing the white underparts of their tails as a sign of alarm. A member of the spiral horn family


A single young is born at any time of the year after a gestation period of +-7 months. The offspring stays hidden for about 4 – 5 weeks before joining the rest.