Average weight of male is 90kg (200Lbs) and female 65kg (145Lbs). Shoulder height for males average up to 90cm (36inches) and females 80cm (32inches). They have a life expectancy of about 12years.


The species have a great variation in colour from white to almost completely black. The most common colour variation is a bright fawn with white spots and white belly. Only the bucks have antlers and are broad and palm shaped.

Difference between male and female: Males are larger and are the only sex that carries antlers which they shed annually.


Very adaptable specie that was introduced into South Africa. They thrive in a wide variety of habitat and will occur in habitats from woodlands to mountain ranges as long as there’s enough food and cover. They form separate, single sex groups and will occur in large herds where there is plenty of food. During the rut (March; April) the bucks will spread out and the females will move between them. During this time of the year the stags lose a lot of weight due to the fact that they will almost completely stop grazing. After the rut, stags leave the herds and live in small groups or alone, to regain their condition.


A single fawn is born after a gestation period of about 7 months.