Average weight of male 4,5 kg(10lbs.) and female 5 – 6 kg (11 – 13 lbs.) Shoulder height averages at 40 cm (15 in). They have a life expectancy of about 10 years.


Fairly small antelope with a prominent trunk – like nose. The hair on the crown forms an upright tuft. It has scent producing preorbital glands that they insert grass stems into for scent marking their territories. The back, rump and rear are a grey-brown colour while the rest is tan.

Difference between male and female: Females are slightly bigger than males but without horns.


They prefer dense woodland, scrubland and savannah with a good supply of shrubs. Needs good cover but little to no grass. They blend in very well with the surroundings due to their colouring. Form pairs, family groups or occur single. Feeds during early morning and late afternoon, till dark. They are herbivores with a diet, consisting of leaves, fruit, but very little grass. Due to their tapered shape heads, they are able to feed on leaves between the spines on the branches. Drinks water when available but can go without it for very long periods due to the moisture they retain from their food.


A single young is born after a gestation period of +-6 months. The new born stays hidden but grows quickly. The female or male will drive the young out of their territory after reaching an age of about 7 – 8 months.