Average weight of male 230 kg (500 lbs.) and female 180 kg (400lbs.) Shoulder height averages at about 127 cm (50 in). Their life expectancy is about 14 years.


They are large animals with a greyish-brown coat and a distinctive white circle around the tail. The hair is coarse and long. The horns sweep back and up.


Waterbuck prefer savannah areas near water where they feed on the grass. Will also occur in woodlands, floodplains and reed-beds along marshes.Very dependent on water. They do not spend much time in water but will take refuge in the water to escape their predators. Form male herds, nursing herds and family groups with dominant male. The male will defend his territory with real passion sustaining some serious injuries that may lead to death, by the loser.


Gestation period is about 9 months after which a single (occasionally two) young is born. New borns stay hidden after birth with the female visiting frequently to suckle the young. Join the female after about 4 weeks.