Average weight of male is 35kg(77lbs) and the female 18kg(40lbs). Shoulder height averages at about 60cm(24in) and they have a life expectancy of about 30 years.


They have a coat of medium length hair that is dark brown to gray in colour and black feet. A downward sloping face and arched tail are probably the most distinctive features.

Difference between male and female:
The females are about half the size of the males and lack canine teeth.


They inhabits a wide variety of habitat that includes woodlands, semi desert, mountainous areas and rocky hills. They use caves, cliffs and tall trees to sleep during the night. They live in social groups that can number up to a 100 animals, and consist out of adult males and females with their offspring. A dominant male, called the alpha male , leads the troop and will defend his mating rights aggressively. They communicate by making use of facial expressions, sounds and touching. Grooming is used to bond with the higher ranked members. Males defend the troop fiercely against rival troops and are well known to hold their own against predators. Their diet consist out of fruit, bulbs, leaves, grass, insects, seeds and fungi.


Baboons have no definite breeding season and a single baby gets born after a gestation period of about 6 months. Both males and females take care of the infants.