Average weight of male is about 80kgs (176lbs) and female 65kgs (143lbs). Shoulder height averages at 75cm (30inches). They have a life expectancy of about 18years.


The bush pig resembles the domestic pig. Their colours vary from reddish-brown to dark-brown. Both sexes have a mane and facial hair of lighter colour. They have short, sharp tusks. Their whole bodies are covered by coarse hair and the mane bristles when the animals become agitated. The ears are pointed with tuffs on the tips.

Difference between male and female: The male is heavier than the female with two prominent facial warts.


Prefer coastal, mountainous and riverine forests as well as tall grass and reeds near water. They are social animals and will live in groups of up to 12 animals. The group normally consists out of a dominant male and female with other females and juveniles. They are very protective over the young in the group and will defendthem very aggressively. Mainly nocturnal but become diurnal in protected areas. They are omnivores and their diet consists out of roots, bulbs, tubers, fallen fruits, crops and carrion. Can become quite a nuisance in areas with crop production.


3 to 6 young are born during summer after a gestation period of 4 months.