Average weight of stallion 310kg(682lbs) and mare 260kg (572lbs). Shoulder height averages at about 140cm (56in). They have a life expectancy of about 25 years


They have a white coat with black stripes that extent around the belly. The Southern species have shadow stripes on the white while the Northern species have no shadow stripes. Their ears are short and rounded and the mane forms a black tuff between the ears. The front part of the body carries vertical stripes and the hind quarters, vertical into horizontal stripes.

Difference between the male and female Stallions are normally up to 10% larger than the mares.


They are predominately grazers, thus prefer open woodland and grassland savannah. Dependant of water and will never move further than 10km(8miles) from a water source. Form small family groups , led by a dominant stallion. Non-breeding stallions form bachelor groups. They frequently mix with other species such as impala, blue wildebeest and gazelle. Diet consists out of grass but they do browse occasionally. Will congregate in large numbers to utilise new growth after bush fires or rain.


A single foal gets born after a gestation period of 370 days.