Average weight of male 240 kg (528 lbs.) and female 180 kg (396 lbs.)
Shoulder height average is about 130 cm (52 in). Life expectancy is about 20 years.


It has a muscular front-heavy appearance (almost cattle-like). The face, mane and tail are black. There are dark vertical stripes on the neck and flanks. The horns extend outwards to the side and then curing up and inwards.

Difference between male and female: The male is larger with heavier horns than the female. In most of the cases fully mature bulls have a totally black face whereas the females and younger males have a patch of brownish coloured hair just below the base of horns.


They prefer short-grass plains and bush-covered savannah. Blue Wildebeest can tolerate arid areas as long as water supply is available. They are dependent on water and need to drink every day or two. Herds may consist out of females, bachelor groups or family members with a dominant male watching over them. Blue Wildebeest often graze together with other species like zebra or impala. They graze during the cool periods of the day and rests during the heat of the day in the shadows. They are well known for their seasonal migrating to other areas in search for better grazing.


One, or occasionally two, calves are born after a gestation period of +- 8 months. Females give birth in the middle of the herd and not alone. Calves can stand within a couple of minutes and are able to run with the herd in about 2 hours after birth.