Average weight of males are 45 kg (8,8 lbs.) and females 5 kg (11 lbs.) Shoulder height averages at about 30 cm (12 in).


Smallest antelope of the region. It has a greyish-brown coat with a slight blue fringe. The throat, chest and belly are of lighter colour. It got its name due to the blue tinge of the coat. Both sexes have horns, but occasionally you will find females without horns.

Difference between male and female: The female is slightly larger than the male and has shorter horns.


They live mainly in very dense natural forests, but will graze in open areas with dense patches of bush nearby that they can use as shelter. They are solitary but will sometimes feed together at a source of food. They also like to follow monkeys to forage on fallen leaves and fruit. Very shy antelope and flees to dense undergrowth at the slightest sign of danger. Forages during early morning and late afternoon but have been spotted feeding during the middle of the day. They like to follow the same footpath/trail and thus make them vulnerable to traps and snares. Drinks water regularly.


Blue duikers generally produce a single offspring per year after a gestation period of 4 – 6 months. Birth could be any time during the year where after the young remains hidden for about 60 days before joining the female.